Hotham Activities

Indulgences you cant’s Miss!

Scenic beauty, incredible atmosphere, and some of the best ski and snowboard runs you will find anywhere else – Mt. Hotham has it all! Hotham Apartments cannot only keep you warm at night in one of our luxurious Mount Hotham accommodation options, but also provide you with affordable and exciting Hotham holiday packages, that will allow you to experience the entire resort in all its splendour!

Fly on the Snow!

Winter time is Snow Time in Hotham. Immerse your senses in a host of playful snow-sports to get that adrenaline going.


Hotham SkiingEnjoy one of the most popular snow-sport – Skiing. Experience the spinning lifts, bumps and generous tracks all in one ride. Don’t worry even if you have never tried skiing before. Get skiing lessons by our friendly couches. They’ll give you tips, general advice and teach you to get really good on the unknown terrain.

Skiing in HothamCounted as one of the most powerful pastime – Skiing helps to build balance with a lot of focus. Get down and dirty on the snow, like never before. Easily master the snow with the amazing highs and lows of this adventurous snow sport.

For the experts amongst us on their own snow skiing holidays, Mt. Hotham’s famed double black runs – kat skiing – will offer plenty of twists, turns, and technical slopes to keep you on your toes! There’s also Keogh’s valley, a simply insane collection of sharp runs, that will challenge your skills and provide you with a thoroughly entertaining experience.


SnowboardingAt Hotham we define the Snowboard experience for you, in an entirely new way. Revive your senses by snowboarding to the most pristine of snow slides. Get timely tips and tricks to perform stunts you have never thought-of-before. Let the rider in you break the walls and explore the wilderness of the many terrains of snow clad Hotham.

For first-time learners snowboarding can be a bit of a dare. Fret no more. Our experts will help you get on-board even faster than you imagine. Or, if you are a simply a great snow boarder challenge your skills with twists and turns for a total chivalrous experience. What’s more? Get the family or friends to photograph your snowboarding experience, for you.

Cross-Country Skiing & Biathlon

Hotham is known for its exciting cross-country skiing. With ample fresh air and diverse snow trails, all you need are the right equipments. If you have great appetites for skiing book yourself for a skiing Biathlon.

Australia’s only Biathlon range Hotham is home to well-known Olympic athletes in the defence force and training events. Meet like-minded skiing enthusiasts from around the world to enhance your overall skiing experience at Hotham.

Hoys Harrietville, Hoys Mt Hotham & Hoys Dinner Plain lets you hire just the right equipment that you need to get going on the snow. Skiing enthusiasts can avail the added advantage to get private skiing lessons from our skiing experts, right in Hotham.


Tobogganing & Snow Play

Tobogganing & Snow PlayHotham is home to the cute Sow Possum – Bungra. Residing among the trees of the Possum Snow Flat Play and Toboggan area, Bungra is a shy resident. His foot-prints are often found around the toboggan area to remind us of his presence.

Spent cherish-able time with your kids crafting a snow-man or their favourite snow-castle. Whatever you opt to do, hire the best equipments from our SnowStuffPark where we build only the best of snow sport equipments, in line with snow sport standards.

Let your kids play free in the playful mini and grand circuits. Look for freshies or run freely in the vast expanse of the white desert. Feel free to talk to our experts about anything to keep you safe and immersed.

That’s not all!

Hotham Snowsports CentreHotham is home to Hotham four terrain or rail parks across the resort – the Basin Rail Park, the Big D Beginner Park, the SBX/SX course and the Summit Terrain Park. Enjoy a quite lunch at Swindlers Balcony or simply kick-in the madness of the snow. Well-suited to all interest levels, Hotham has something for everyone to come for!

Hotham’s parks offer a spectacular view and can be chosen as per activity level. Hit the parks with family or friends for motorcycling, hiking, cycling, horse-riding and x-country mountain biking. Whatever, you may choose to do be sure to visit these awesome terrain parks for a visual delight.


Amazing fun in the summer too!

When the snow revellers have packed up and gone home, Hotham is swamped by keen mountaineers and outdoor camping enthusiasts, all of whom want to get a taste of the incredibly beautiful landscape. With plenty of ground to cover and explore throughout the Hotham region, you’ll have plenty of space for a lovely, relaxing getaway.

Call or visit our Hotham Snowsports Centre or get your Snowsports brochure from our Guest Services Team to plan your snow adventure!